Baby Graduated

On May 5th 2012, I graduated from College! I must admit, though, that the only thing keeping my paws from my diploma is the one tiny spanish class (Spanish 102) that I will be starting either soon (online) or taking for cheaper at Covenant (since I’m still in the area). Before I go further, I just want to say that all my blogging can be found here, and that probably all of my post-grad blogging will happen here! And as another quick side note, I will, on occasion, still be posting about being a lady, and will more frequently be checking into Bee’s tumblr.

Change brings about the best and worst of people. And about yourself. Through this transition, I have been thinking a lot about the instability I felt and found when I first moved down here. I felt empty, unfamiliar. And unloved! No one new my name, let alone where I came from or how great I thought I was. Hah. Remember? But the uncertainty I feel during times of transition causes me to reach outward (but not too much) to those things that I hold dear. All of those things that aren’t changing. When you graduate, though, everything seems to change. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a number of friends who are still in the area and I have the pleasure of keeping two of my same roommates! We all have our moments, but I’m thankful to have those people as my rocks.

This statement alone triggers two different responses: (1) “Great!” (2) They are your rocks?
Have I been fortunate to carry over a number of relationships from “college” life to “post-grad” life? Yes. A thousand times yes. And that is great. But to idolize those relationships is to truly miss the whole point of appreciating or being in relationship. Those relationships quickly become more of a “I want you around because you make me feel good by remind me that not everything is changing here.” It’s selfish. And I am guilty! In a perfect world, we would all sense the needs of one another when we sense there is some kind of discomfort…but given that nearly everyone I know has been going through this change as well, it’s left many of us in an “each man for himself” kind of mentality. But what kind of relationship is that, anyway?

All that to say, I’ve been much more comfortable with this transition. I’m living in St. Elmo (Chattanooga), and working at the Marriott as a Supervisor. I’m living with Anne & Melanie (who I both lived with my last semester at Covenant) and Rachael (once she moves in around August!). I’m doing wedding coordinating on the side, which is splendid! My next wedding is later this month. I’m trying to figure out how to launch my own website for the business and get my  name out there. With that comes the whole idea of branding, marketing, buying business cards, and just throwing myself into something at full speed. The last thing I’ll share about myself (as of late) is that I have been working out FURIOUSLY. I started working out more frequently my last semester at Covenant, but got a gym membership at a local gym (right next to where I work) and I basically just go every day once I leave work. Making time for it now will make it easier to make that time later when things get busier and more hectic. I have been so excited about this place and have already been feeling more energized, more fit, and am starting to see more toned muscles. Woooohooooo. I’ve lost a total of 30lbs. since January 1st, but I’m hoping that since I’m working out more rigorously now that I’ll be able to drop weight a little quicker. Will keep yall updated!



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