Why Every Little Thing Matters a Lot

Mattering is an important process for people because it gives them hope to look beyond the things they experience in the world that either told or continue to tell them that they are a waste of a life. And that their presence doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Last week I had the simple joy of purchasing a gift card for one of the committee members I worked closely with for an event recently. This particular individual was so dedicated to her position that on the first committee meeting she hosted, she even brought hot coffee, OJ, and three dozen different kinds of muffins. That she made from scratch. To this day, I have flashbacks to the taste of those delicious muffin tops.

And as I purchased this gift card as a small “thank you” from a local Chattanooga coffee shop, the owner’s wife (who was simultaneously the cashier) looked at me in my eye and thanked me for purchasing a gift card there. She said “You know what, it’s small victories like this. At the end of the day, we get excited that we were $50 over what we usually sell on a weekday. This means so much to us.”

Without much forethought, I was contributing positively to this battle between “does what I do matter?” and “What I do DOES matter” that she and her husband as co-owners and laborers wrestle with on what seems like a daily basis. I so appreciated this woman’s honesty and vulnerability.

I know I’m late to the “buy local” campaign, but that’s not exactly my purpose altogether. The gut of this is just to say that even decisions that you don’t think about a whole lot could impact someone else drastically. And the question remains: how can I do the most good with the resources I have every day?

Also, this same coffee shop (Cadence Coffee Company) makes my favorite Chai in the city (pictured).


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