F*** Love Give Me Diamonds

I’m a believer in love, so don’t let the title fool you. It’s a mere lyric. Kudos if you can name the artist without Googling.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Well, these are my arms. For strangers who ask, these tats offer an easy response. I can either:

A. Start singing that Iggy Azalea song

B. Start belting that Rihanna song

C. Remind them that “a diamond is a girl’s best friend.”

While all three of these would be a great social experiment, I wanted to share the truer, clearer reason for the ink here.

Before I considered a diamond tattoo of my own, I had this preconceived notion that diamond tattoos were a little bit trashy, overdone, and not really all that deep in their meaning. Well. All of my thoughts and beliefs were turned on their head.

The greek word for diamond is adámas, which means unbreakable. Now before you get too far down the rabbit trail of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  (a show which I could never really get into — that Jaycee Dugard memoir made captivity and kidnapping all too real for me), I’ll have you know that the word unbreakable has the tendency to evoke very strong emotions for me.

In high school I remember having a tough yet critical conversation with my father (yes, he was reprimanding me) in which he reminded me that we, the Moore family, are strong. We are unbreakable. It’s amazing and weird to me that that I even remember that conversation, since my memory is less than impressive when it comes to events, people, and conversations prior to 2013 (currently).

Anyway, that conversation was pivotal and is something I revisited on my own time and time again in this last year. I think that all people have the choice to let horrible things break them. Or they can lean in to the grief, the ugly, the pain. That is not meant at all to minimize the horrible things that happen. I am also not suggesting that I have seen it all, done it all, felt it all. There are so many things that I have been spared from, and I am thankful for that truth.

But really. Every day you can choose to see your circumstances as these things that are unmovable, bigger than you, or that they have more power over you. Or, you can be that powerhouse. You can be the source, you can be the decision-maker. This isn’t meant in a self-worship way. I just mean it in the sense that you can either be a complainer or a doer.

As someone who is pretty amazing at making my complaining appear on the surface as “telling a funny story,” this has been hard for me. I think all people are probably entitled to the same amount of complaining over the whole course of their lives. The people who use up their complaints faster in life will also run out of friends faster in life. You’ve got to tether your expectations. You cannot and should not allow circumstances or other people to dictate how you see yourself and see your future. You’ve got to be unbreakable.

That doesn’t mean you’re never allowed to get upset, throw tantrums in the grocery store (maybe even in your twenties), or that you can’t grieve the loss of friendships, life, jobs, and much more. Life is tough. You can be tougher. I genuinely believe that humans have the capacity to be tougher than the things that happen to them because I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

I chose these diamond tattoos (two to be exact) because I wanted a reminder of both the before and after process. The left inverse diamond symbolizes the diamond that has not yet been put under extreme pressure, and has yet to become beautiful. It’s kind of ugly in it’s own way. And the diamond on the right serves as a reminder of the fruits of the refiner’s fire. The two images are close in my line of vision, but represent the two very different stages. And yet, it’s the same diamond. The two have the same core or connecting materials.

And I’ve needed this reminder. Whether I feel like the before or after product on any given day, the opposite is always still a part of who I am. And you can’t have one without the other.

So I guess you could say I got these tattoos because I am forgetful. And I choose the daily reminder that I was not made to be destroyed by any one or any thing. It’s just like our philosopher friend K. Clarkson once said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


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